2017 Goals

I made my goals for 2017 simple so I had a chance to succeed. No sense going into the year with little hope, right? So these are the goals:

-write 1 story a month
-1 submission a quarter
-read 2 books a month (in addition to the audios to work) = 1 fiction/1 nonfiction
-Finish/Edit/Publish The Lost Child
-Complete 1 Cosplay outfit

One story a month should be simple. This will allow my brain to work on shorts and get the creativity flowing again. In no way am I limited to just one but I have something to strive for.

One submission a quarter means I don’t have to panic trying for something monthly and maybe those stories I’ve worked on each month will find a home.

I’ve gotten out of reading the last few years because life has taken over. I listen to audio books to fill my 60 minute commute time each day and while this stimulates the brain, not the same way as reading. Also, I avoid nonfiction so this allows me to actively seek it out.

I’ll admit it…I’ve been lost with Lost Child since the idea came to me. I have a base, but I’m not happy with it. I know books 4 & 5 of Dragonchild Lore, however, 3 is being uncooperative and I have an idea I know why.

I pretty much know what the Cosplay outfit is and just need to get the fabric cut because when I sit at the machine things seem to come together quick.


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