January Achievement Unlocked!

Since I posted my goals, I should probably hold myself accountable, right? Therefore towards the end of the month I’ll do a post and let you know what I’ve read, listened to, and written!

Audio Books are hard for me to always remember because I go through 2-3 a month. For January I continued two of series that I’ve been working on with Douglas Adams’ L!fe, the Un!verse, and Everyth!ng and Dean Koontz’s Brother Odd.

I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy years ago and it went over my head and I never finished the series. The particular audio I’m listening to is read by the amazing Martin Freeman a.k.a Arthur Dent a.k.a John Watson. It is amazingly well done and so much fun to listen to.

We came across the Odd Thomas movie by accident. It was one we almost passed on to. I’m glad we didn’t. The movie is done well and was tied up in a lot of legal issues so didn’t get the release attention in the US that it deserved. I went out and got the book of the same name (which follows the movie closely but the movie removed some very key characters) Brother Odd is the 3rd installment of the series.

I’m currently listening to Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam. The intricacies of any Discworld book makes it rather hard to follow on audio book. I’m still enjoying it, but for a while my head was reeling!

Readingwise I met goal and went further! I read 2 fiction books! The Lioness by Jake Bonsignore and Heir of Bastet by Linna Drehmel. I enjoyed both of these stories but have the same complaint about them in that I wanted more! My non-fiction pick: NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming . This concept was recently introduced to me and it is amazing how a little tweak to thinking changed my outlook. It’s a process that I have to keep working on and I’m glad this was the January pick.

Word wise? Well, I wrote a short story that was under 800 words. I classify it as a ‘horrific comedy’. I would share it but it has actually been submitted already! Yup, I already have my first quarter piece out! I also was looking for covers for The Lost Child and came across a cover that I couldn’t pass up. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Dragonchild Lore… A new story is forming and that may prove to be February’s writing project.

Cosplay….I have time for that. I’ve been painting. BTW, those tutorials on using paw prints to make flowers DO NOT work when the owner of said paw is a not-quite-one-year-old kitten; hopefully, the paint’ll wash out of the bathmat.kitty


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