February Achievement Unlocked-ish!

Writing: The -ish is because of the writing portion of the goals. I didn’t regroup on The Lost Child. I did outline the new project that is in the works. I’ve also got a few hundred words written on it. As far as new story of the month I cheated there. I revisited a story I had written years ago and didn’t have in a saved format for a computer other than maybe a hard disk somewhere in a box. I retyped it and tweaked a little, but it could still use some ironing.

I received the first rejection of 2017 on the last piece submitted in 2016. I had already submitted last month so my quarter goal had been completed, but I went ahead and submitted to an ezine and am waiting.

Now the reading portion of the month:

Audio: I grabbed Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull on a whim. I had finished Raising Steam and needed something while waiting for the next Odd Thomas and Douglas Adams book. This book was amazing. It taught me so much about the creation of Pixar and the steps taken to make it such a success. I never knew much about the background and I never thought I’d tear up on a eulogy for Steve Jobs until this book showed a side of him I was unaware of. Also after reading the NLP book last month the steps shown in this followed very nicely and made it tied together.

After Creativity, Inc. I went into Odd Hours by Dean Koontz. The story is getting more supernatural. I definitely see there was an advantage to reading these as they came out verses one after another. There are certain words and phrases that repeat in every one of them that starts to get very monotonous. I still need to know where this is going but it would be nice to not have this repetition.

I also snuck in So Long and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams. This time it was a version read by the author. It was fun. Poor Marvin…

Non-Fiction: I had planned on some writing advice book but ended up with Alan Alda’s Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself. This coupled with Creativity, Inc. just blew my mind on how these gelled. The depth of Alda’s prose was amazing and to understand his life and causes through his own observations of him coming to terms with them himself.

Fiction: In March I’ll have to up this because I got a novella read and started a short story collection. You are Destined to be Together Forever by Dean Koontz is a prequel story to the Odd Thomas series. The problem is that a good portion of the story has been revealed in the series. If you read it before the series it’ll be good. It is also short.

I also got halfway through As Mad as a Hatter by Catherine Stovall. I’ve worked with Stovall on several anthologies and she has edited some work for me. I enjoy working with her and she is an amazing talent. This collection is dark and some of it is disturbing for that reason I needed to take a break on it.



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