March Achiev…Well, on to April

Goalwise March didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. I succeeded in listening to Classic Audiobooks and they surprised me. I listened to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and was blown away. There are some books/authors I snubbed for not very good reasons. I’m sure you have a few of those too, but Austen was one of mine. What led to my interest was watching Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, while silly it did ignite a desire to read/hear the source material. I enjoyed it thoroughly and Lizzie and Jane Bennett are knew favorite heroines for me. Toward the end of the month I started listening to Austen’s Emma, I’ll save my review of that for that in April’s round up. I also listened to Interview with a Vampire which is another book I’ve never been interested in.  I really don’t have an opinion other than Louie and Lestat have the most dysfunctional relationship.

I got halfway through my nonfiction book: The Hybrid Author: A Guide to Publishing by Dianne Sagan. I am learning some interesting things on it. My version is the first edition so I’m thinking some of the things that are bothering me (format) are fixed in the second edition that the link goes to. The only fiction I got to was Supergirl: Bizarrogirl. Thanks to my cousin Justin for gifting it to me. I’m falling in love with a ton of different Supergirl incarnations. (My cosplay project will be Supergirl from DC’s Bombshells)

Speaking of Cosplay, I’m holding off on doing anything with this because I’m working with a trainer and think it prudent to see where that journey goes before making a costume that might not fit.

Writing…I think I’ve found the flaw in The Lost Child that has blocked me from getting anywhere with it. I’ve also got an idea about how to fix it.

April goals: CAMP NANOWRIMO! I’m working on an amazing project this month that I can’t go into much detail about. What I can say my goal is 25,000 words and the overall first draft is due mid-June. Finishing the non-fiction book goes along with finishing a different one. Fiction book that isn’t a comic book is the hope. After Emma I have Fahrenheit 451.plotbunny


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