Contributions & Awards

In 2013 I went to WisCon and one tidbit of advice I received was to start small. Send in some short stories and see where it takes you. Short stories were never something I really thought much about until then and I have had the good fortune to have several of my shorts selected for anthologies and along the way found some amazingly talented, wonderful friends. I’ve also worked on several charity anthologies that I am very proud of.

Previously Published

  • Short Story, “Third Floor” Other Voices Anthology, Diamant, July 2013
  • Short Story, “Snake Dance” Cirque d’Obscure, Antholgoy Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly (CHBB), Nov 2013
  • Short Story, “Captive Sleep”, Cogs in Time (Steampunk Series) Vol 1., CHBB, Feb 2014
  • Short Story, “Mother of Monsters”, Rise of the Goddess Anthology, CHBB, Mar 2014
  • Short Stories, “F.M.” & “Keeper of the First Book”, Tales of the Fairy, CHBB, June 2014
  • Short Story, “Wolves at the Door’, Happily Nevery After,  Fey Publishing, June 2014
  • Short Story, “Cast the Mold”, Les Vaporistes, CHBB, Sept 2014
  • Short Story, “Clear Skies”, Cogs in Time Vol 2., CHBB, Oct 2014
  • Short Story, “The Innkeeper’s Daughter”, Fractured Fairy Tales, CHBB, Dec 2014
  • Short Story, “Double Exposure”, After Tomorrow, CHBB, Jan. 2015
  • Short Story, “Heart at Rest”, Tales of the Fairy Anthology Vol. 2 ,CHBB, May 2015
  • Short Story, ‘The Source’ Dark Light 4 Anthology, CHBB, Sept 2014
  • Short Story, “Widow’s Cut”, Lurking in the Deep, CHBB, May 2015
  • Short Story/Audio script, “Lily’s Story, Read by Steve Cook, Aug 2015
  • Short Story, ‘The Wager’, Cogs in Time Vol 3 Anthology, CHBB, Oct. 2015
  • Short Story, ‘Charms to Soothe’, Primal Cries Anthology, Phoenix Fire Publishing, April 2014
  • Preface, If Love Were All, Bitter Sweet, Diamant Brothers, Feb. 2016
  • Short Story, ‘A Hidden Gem’, Mind Candy, Myriad Paradigm Publishing, Feb. 2018
  • Short Story, ‘Space Junk’, A World Unimagined Anthology, Left Hand Publishers, Oct. 2018
  • Poem, ‘Mumma Tried, With Painted Words, Nov. 2018
    Short Story, ‘These Walls Speak’, Transcendent, Transmundane Press, Dec. 2018
  • Poem, ‘Gatekeeper’, Honey & Sulphur, Carrion Blue 555, Feb. 2019
  • Poem, ‘Dance of the Silver Moon’, Influence of the Moon, Pub 518, Sept 2019
  • Short Story, “What Mother Doesn’t Know’, Divinity, Iron Faerie Publishing, Oct. 2019

other voices

Other Voices: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

By Diamant

short story: Third Floor

After taking three months to build up her courage, young Hestia Diedrich is about to discover what is on the third floor of main library of the Institute for the Understanding of the Metaphysical.

Available on Amazon:

Love Redeemed e-cover

Love Redeemed 

By: Tich Brewster

Song Lyrics: ‘Temptation

This piece was chosen through Tich’s song contest.

Happily Never After: Fairy Tale Anthology

By Fey Publishing

Short Story: Wolves at the Door

A post apocalyptic, techie retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Fortress is under attack, but by whom? No one is supposed to be beyond the wall. The inhabitants are the only survivors or so Juliet thinks until she jacks into her class for the day.

Release: To Be Announced


Cirque d’Obscure: A Dark Circus Anthology

Editor: Sarah Jayne Carr

Published By:  Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly

Short Story: Snake Dance

Greely Clark is in charge of finding new talent for the Clark Agency, an investigation firm that looks into the paranormal and occult. He is sent to the circus to recruit Madam Estelle, an especially gifted telepath, but he may be getting more than he bargained.

Released: October 31, 2013


The Cogs in Time: A Steampunk Anthology

Editor: Catherine Stovall

Published By:  Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly

Short Story: Captive Sleep

Domaroc Lowe is second-in-command of a cargo airship that has been forced to land for repairs in the jungles of Ruus. Exhausted from trying to fix the problem Dom finds himself in uneasy sleep only to awaken in the arms of the mysterious Quanda.

Released:  January 9, 2014


Rock and Roll Saved My Soul: An Anthology of Stories, Letters and Poetry of How Music Changes Lives

Edited by: Kate Marie Robbins

All proceeds from this book will be donated to Rock the Cause. Rock the Cause is a Minnesota based charity that use the power of music, community, and social media to create a new generation of stewardship for other non-profit causes. 

Memoir: Broken Girl/Fractured World

A brief essay about how one concert brought about the healing I needed at the time and how it helped me get my life back in order.

Memoir: Anything But Country

An even briefer essay about how one line in my online dating profile almost lost me the love of my life.

Released: March 5, 2014


Rise of the Goddess: Divine Awakenings

Edited by Catherine Stovall

Published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly

All Proceeds from this book to the Elliott Public Library in Elliott Iowa.

Short Story: Mother of Monster

Erica a.k.a Madam Estelle a.k.a. Echidna now works for the Clark Agency and is sent by Greely along with Hestia Diedrich to investigate the meteor that crashed in Russia. Erica must now face her past and one of her children that she hasn’t seen in millennium.

Released: March 20, 2014

Les Vaporistesles vasporate cover

Edited by: Josephine Ballowe & R.A. Sears

Published by: Hot Ink Press

Short Story: Cast the Mold

Jessamine Mercy is the best at what she does, which is making death masks. She is the guest of Duke Winston to make a mask of his dead wife, but she isn’t the only guest there. Warren is the best at his trade. He is a maker of automatons and shows Jess the real reason they are there and in the process the two are drawn to each other.

Released: May 30, 2014

random acts of kindness cover

Random Acts of Kindness

Edited by: Kate Marie Robbins

All proceeds from this book will be donated to Rock the Cause. Rock the Cause is a Minnesota based charity that use the power of music, community, and social media to create a new generation of stewardship for other non-profit causes. 

Personal Essay: The Eighteen Year Process

A short essay to say thank you to a very important supporter of my writing.

Release: June 9, 2014

Tales of the Fairyfairy cover

Edited by Catherine Stovall

Published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly

 Short Story: F.M.

Sometimes a mechanic just needs a helping hand and a troop of brownies can be the best help available

Short Story: Keeper of the First Book

Zebulon Brookenstook reflects how one name caused his life to change drastically.

Release: June 20, 2014

Klarissa_s Dream cover

Klarissa Dreams

Art by: Klarissa Kocsis

Published by Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly

All Proceeds go to to Cancer and Lupus research.

This is a beautiful project that I’m glad to be a part of. The contributor were inspired by the artwork so there are a wide range of poems and stories to match.


Release: June 24, 2014

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