Cover Artists

I am an author- published author who feels that one of the key elements to any book is an amazing cover. I am also very fortunate to know talented people.


Lesley Ross is three days older than me, we attended middle and high school together. She has a Bachelors of Science and studied Art Therapy. She also invited me to the Duluth Steampunk Extravaganza which was held at an old train depot. That’s where all the classic pictures you see came from.

The cover for Blood of the Sire had little to do with me. Lesley Ross took what ideas I threw at her and made them work. Lesley is a great artist and I feel she must get the credit for her work.with for the cover. All the wording and titling was inserted by the Cover Creator. I love this image and am seriously contemplating having it printed on canvas and hanging it in my living room. The image below is what Lesley came up. 

Cravie - Old Fishing Port

I wrote The Attic’s Secret about ten years and didn’t have the intention of publishing it. Then I saw the premade cover design on Sprinkles on Top Studios, LLC’s website. I spent months staring at it and I was in love with it. It fit the story and I finally worked up the nerve to contact Sarah and was lucky that it was still available. We went back and forth on the back blurb and got it set. I am so happy with this unexpected publication. If you’re looking for a cover, a trailer, or teaser check out Sprinkles on Top! Sarah will defintely take care of you.


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